Help save Palestinian Child Soldiers

February 14th - 19th

UNICEF must demand that Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, PFLP and PLO operate in accordance with the 2007 Paris Principles and end the systemic use of Palestinian children in military efforts of any type. 

The systemic use of Palestinian children by these organizations includes but is not limited to: combatants, terrorists, riot skirmishers, couriers, spies, lookouts, munitions smugglers, military laborers as well as the militarized and radicalized education that facilitates recruitment and use. 


Join the solidarity week to save Palestinian Child Soldiers

February 14th - 19th

This solidarity week is to bring awareness to this issue, and call on UNICEF to officially condemn the use of Palestinian children as war resources by terrorist organizations and paramilitary groups. For decades, their plight has been largely ignored. On February 14th - 19th, people who care about child’s right are holding solidarity rallies on campuses around the world.

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