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Help save Palestinian Child Soldiers 
February 7th - 13th

Without funding, terrorist organizations could not recruit child soldiers. Charities have an integral role in funding and facilitating access to funding for terrorist organizations, intentionally or unintentionally. 

CAF America must stop providing a financial platform to NGO's affiliated with terrorist groups exploiting Palestinian children. These organizations that profit from private money funneled through CAF America, exploit children for political purposes. CAF America provides, by association, a financial safe haven for "retired" PFLP, PIJ and Hamas terrorists. They are guilty by omission, affiliation and direct action in the incitement to violence, recruitment and training of Palestinian children for military purposes. 

The financial contribution to these NGOs facilitated by CAF America, is an essential part in the upkeep of the brutal systemic use of Palestinian children by terrorist organizations in the Levant. Using children as combatants, terrorists, riot skirmishers, couriers, spies, lookouts, munitions smugglers, military laborers, as well as the militarized and radicalized education that facilitates recruitment has to STOP!

Call to Action

Click on the buttons below to send two prewritten emails to the decision makers at caf america

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Join the solidarity week to save Palestinian Child Soldiers
February 7th - 13th

This solidarity week is meant to bring awareness to this issue, and call on CAF America to cease funding these organizations that are linked to terrorism, especially the ones that recruit and use child soldiers. On February 7th - 13th, people who care about the rights of children are holding solidarity rallies around the world.

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