Plan your own Rally

Taking part in the Palestinian Child Soldier week is easy, and everyone from individuals who care to big organizations are welcome to join. This resource center has everything you need to bring awareness online or to hold your own rally on campus.


For social media activism, just select the "share" icon and your preferred platform, and within a few clicks you'll have shared graphics, infographics, and videos to spread awareness. If you want to hold a rally of your own, press the "download" icon, and you can download posters, brochures, and pamphlets. Print them up, and you're all set to show your solidarity with this important cause. Materials are also available in Arabic, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. Contact us at to request them. Film Screenings are also available! Contact us to find out how!


If you would like help to plan your own rally or learn how else you can help, Email us at, and we'll work together with you to help save Palestinian child soldiers!







Online & Printable Infographic





PCS Week Brochure

Booth Posters




Talking Points and Resources

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